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Rental Motorhomes

When you book a tour with us, a rental motorhome is included in your tour package. The rental motorhomes have an easy to operate stick shift transmission. You do not need to bring bedding, linen or towels, we equip the motorhome for you. Just bring your personal items!

Standard motorhomes (included in tour price)

Model with bed(s) in rear

This model has either one bed in the rear or two single beds. The driver’s seat and the copilot seat can be turned towards the dinette.

Length: 20/21 feet

Cab-over model

A compact, easy to maneuver vehicle with a dinette, a sofa and a spacious cab over bed. The dinette and sofa can be made into an additional bed.

Length: 20 feet


A slightly larger vehicle with one or two permanent bed(s) in the rear and a dinette as well as additional fold down beds in the front.

Length: 23 feet

For the upgrade motorhome add a one time fixed charge as listed with the tour prices.

Please note that all photos show rental motorhome types. Rental models may differ slightly.

Each motorhome has a bathroom with a shower. We equip the motorhomes with camping chairs, kitchen utensils, dishes, bedding and towels. They come with a full fresh water tank, full diesel tank, full propane tank and toilet chemicals. The motorhomes go 24 to 26 miles to the gallon.

The insurance is included in the tour package includes full vehicle collision coverage with € 1,300 deductible per accident and € 1,300 per comprehensive damage claim and third party liability insurance with unlimited coverage for personal injury and property damage or loss.

A security deposit of € 1,300 (payable by credit card) is required at departure to ensure that the vehicle is returned in undamaged condition.

The motorhomes are available to rent after a tour. For more information please contact us.