On Tour in Europe

Tour beginning

Each tour starts in Germany. Depending on the tour you need to fly to Frankfurt, Hamburg or Düsseldorf. On the arrival day we will pick you up at the airport and bring you to our comfortable hotel. The next day you will get your fully equipped rental motorhome which is included in your tour package.

How we take care of you

Beginning with the moment when we pick you up at the airport we will be available for you during the entire tour. That also includes the driving section. We don’t leave you in the morning and see you at the next campground. We stay with our group and help you, for example, to fill up with diesel or to park your rig when we have a rest stop.

On the road

We go mostly on local roads and you will see picturesque European villages, lovely countryside and old towns right from the driver’s or co-pilot’s seat of your comfortable rental RV. On our tours we only have 2 to 3 long driving days (about 300 miles). On those days we will drive parts of our route on the Autobahn (freeway). On the Autobahn we do not go faster than 60 to 65 mph, on local roads 45 to 55 mph. Sometimes we use toll roads. The average miles of driving are 60 to 150 miles a day. We have frequent stops for rest and taking pictures. We also stop to fill up with diesel and at supermarkets to stock up on groceries. We stay in contact with our fellow caravaners on handheld radios.

Going caravan style?

Yes – we do unless you want to go on your own. This is possible because we travel in small groups and we leave enough space between motorhomes so that the local traffic can merge in. You may enjoy the countryside just following us instead of worrying about where to make the next let or right turn and how to figure out the strange signs in a foreign language! But if you don’t like to travel this way, you could of course easily go on your own. You will get excellent, detailed trip logs for every day which will help you to find the right way. If you bring your own GPS we will give you a list with the coordinates of our campgrounds.

Border crossings

Because of the EU all border crossings are easy. You won’t need any paperwork for your vehicle and usually you do not even need to stop at the border.

Sightseeing Tours

For sightseeing tours in big cities like Rome, Copenhagen or Paris we charter a comfortable bus which picks us up at the campground. Where the sights are in pedestrian only zones, as in Heidelberg or Oxford we order taxis to bring us into town. Sometimes we go by a public bus. Even though taxis or a bus bring us close to the sights there is some walking involved. For every sight we hire a local English speaking guide.


We stay every night in a campground. We selected the best campgrounds which are available on our route. European campgrounds seldom have full hookups, but always electrical hookups, a dump station and a place to fill up with fresh water. All the campgrounds on our tours have nice facilities and often a little restaurant.

Day’s end

When we arrive at the campground we show you where our reserved spaces are and help you park and connect your rig. Later, we meet for fun at our Happy or Social Hour and provide information for the events of the upcoming day.