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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do after booking a European Motorhome Tour?

  1. Look out for the detailed information we will send you via e-mail on traveling in Europe, what to pack etc.

  2. Book a flight to and from Germany. Depending on the tour you need to fly to Frankfurt, Hamburg or Duesseldorf. Please send us your flight details via so we can schedule your pick-up at the airport. We do not include the flights because our tour guests come from all over the USA, Canada and Australia and therefore it makes no sense to include a flight from N.Y. to Frankfurt, for example. But if we may help you with flight arrangements please let us know!

  3. Bring a valid passport, a valid driver’s license and international driver’s license, a credit card with a chip and your PIN code. Personal items such as medications and clothing.

What about passports, visa, driver’s license?

Each person must have a passport valid at least 6 months passed the return date. Visas are not required for American, Canadian or Australian citizens visiting the countries on our tours for stays less than 90 days within a 180 day period. Whoever drives the motorhome needs a valid US, Canadian or Australian driver’s license. In addition we strongly recommend that you obtain an “International Driving Permit”, available at most automobile clubs for a fee.

Should I bring cash, traveler’s checks or credit cards?

Do not bring cash to change into Euros because you would get the worst exchange rate plus you have to pay an expensive fee. Traveler’s checks can only be cashed at a bank. We recommend bringing your credit card which should have a chip. Credit cards with an international PIN number and a chip can be used at ATMs throughout Europe to obtain cash in the local currency. The most accepted cards are Visa and MasterCard. You may also want to check with your bank if they are part of international network to allow you to use your Debit Card at favorable conditions. There is an ATM right at the airport where you arrive.

How much money will I need for fuel?

In Europe the prices for diesel and gasoline are higher than in the USA. Nevertheless you won’t spend more for fuel on our tours than you would in the USA because the motorhomes get 25 miles to the gallon.

How much money do I have to calculate for daily expenses on the tour?

Since the rental, the campground fees, sightseeing tours and entrance fees - as listed in our itineraries - are already included in the tour price, you will spend money for buying food, diesel or souvenirs. (Some meals in fine restaurants are included in the tour price, too) The prices for groceries are similar to the prices in the USA. Restaurants are usually more expensive, but in most of the countries you tip only €1-2 depending on the bill. On the tours to Italy and to France & Spain we will have some cash toll roads (approx. €50-€150), but all other tolls are included.

How do we communicate within the caravan?

We provide you a handheld radio for the duration of the tour and exchange cell phone numbers, just in case.

How many RVs are in the caravan?

Not more than 12, but usually less.

What facilities are at the campgrounds?

The campgrounds where we stay all have good showers and restrooms. Some of them have a swimming pool; most of them have a little restaurant and a small grocery store. 

Do I need to bring a sleeping bag, sheets and towels?

No, we will equip the rentals with bedding, sheets, towels, dishes, camping chairs and so on. Just bring your personal items such as clothing, your medication, and a camera.

Is there walking involved?

Yes. Often we will hire a coach for our sightseeing tours but the old town centers and sights are usually in pedestrian-only zones. Therefore we will have to go off the bus and walk to see the sights. In these medieval centers we often have to walk a short distance on cobblestone alley ways and sometimes climb up stairs. The duration of the guided walking tours is usually 1 ½ hour and we have to walk approximately 1 mile during this time. Also, since we won’t have any tow cars with us we will sometimes use public transportation. Most of the time there is a bus stop right in front of the RV park, sometimes we have to walk up to 1/3 of a mile to the bus or street car station. Often we will get taxis to bring us from the RV park as close as possible to the sights. To visit the castles you might have to walk about 5 minutes through a park to get to the entrance. Inside the castles are often stairways.

Are there laundries?

The campgrounds have washing machines and dryers, sometimes Maytag but mostly European brands. We are there to help you to operate them! They are more expensive than in the USA. There are always sinks where you can wash laundry by hand. In European campgrounds you can dry your laundry on a clothesline outside.

What time do we start in the morning?

Depending on the itinerary between 8 and 9 AM. If we have to be on time for a ferry ride (UK and Greece tours) we may start earlier.

Do we drive on the Autobahn? How fast do we drive and how many miles a day?

Driving on the Autobahn is pretty much like driving on an interstate. Different is that on the Autobahn there is a speed limit of 50 mph for trucks (not for our motorhomes) and there are many parts where trucks are not allowed to pass. The far right lane is for slowly moving vehicles, the far left lane for the fastest. Do not pass another vehicle on the right. We usually drive 60-65 mph when we are on the Autobahn but most of the time we go on local roads. The average miles of driving are 60 to 150 miles a day. We have frequent stops for rest and taking pictures. We do not drive every day.

Do the rental RVs come with an automatic transmission?

No, the European motorhomes very seldom have an automatic transmission. They usually come with stick shifts. Even if it is probably many years ago that you drove a stick shift car you won't have any problem to drive your rental RV and to shift gears.

Can I bring my GPS?

Starting in 2018 we will equip your rental RV with a GPS with the pre-programmed locations of our RV parks and other stops. If you prefer to use your own GPS please remember to get European maps for it. We also provide the coordinates of the campgrounds we visit.

How about Wifi access?

Many campgrounds now offer Wifi, sometimes for free and sometimes for an hourly or daily fee. The quality and speed does vary, however. In most of the cities an increasing number of restaurants and bars offer Wifi as well.

Can I use my electrical appliances?

Electric power in Europe is 220V. For American standard 110V appliances you need a transformer that converts the current from 220V to 110V and a plug adapter to use a European socket. The simplest solution is to bring dual voltage appliances with a socket adapter kit. 

Can I keep the rental motorhome for some more days or weeks after the tour?

If you want to extend the rental period just let us know in advance, and we will arrange it for you.

Is the insurance for the rental motorhome included?

Yes, the motorhome is insured for liability with unlimited coverage for personal injury and property damage or loss, and full vehicle collision coverage with €1,300 deductible per accident and €1,300 per comprehensive damage claim.