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About European Motorhome Tours

Dear fellow RVers,

In 2022 we are celebrating 22 years of European Motorhome Tours. Dieter and Gaby Weigelt started our tour company in 2000. Traveling by RV was not very common here at that time, so when the travel bug took them to the USA and American RVers asked them about traveling overseas, the idea was born to show them Europe! Today, modern and well-built motorhomes and thousands of pleasant campgrounds are available throughout the continent.

I, Thomas Grossmann, met Gaby and Dieter in 2014 when they were planning to retire. I also met some of their happy guests and learned about their exciting tours. Since we hit it off right away, we agreed that I would continue the business in the spirit they had built it – to offer perfectly developed tours, a care-free and fun-filled travel experience in a small group and, most importantly, a very professional and personal service from your experienced European guides.

I have worked in an office environment for almost 20 years, but from early travels to study languages in the Americas, to long-road trips in Europe, the United States, Canada and Australia, and even jobs as a professional yacht skipper, traveling and meeting interesting people has always been my passion. In the late 1990s my work also brought me to the US where I lived for almost 15 years and came to love the country and its people. Now I absolutely enjoy showing you Europe the way you like to travel best – going by RV!

For several years now I have been running our tours and I am so grateful for the many new and returning customers who have put their continued trust into European Motorhome Tours. I personally lead all of our tours and a Tailgunner from my wonderful team also joins our caravan, so you have two experienced tour leaders with you at all times. We have also introduced some new things, for example we now equip your rental RV with a pre-programmed GPS and also provide a state-of-the art tourguide system. This way you can enjoy our local guides even more through your personal receiver and head-set. Our guests loved our two new tours which we introduced in recent years, taking you to Poland, the Baltic States and the Balkan Peninsula. I am happy to announce that in 2024 we are going back to the Balkans on a special extended 44-day tour!

If you have any questions regarding our tours please call me anytime at (312) 998 7331 or send an e-mail to I would also be more than happy to put you in touch with some of our prior guests, so you can get a first-hand reference. Come and discover the diversity of European architecture, people, culture, countryside and food and let us make your overseas motorhome adventure the trip of a lifetime. Keep traveling!

Thomas Grossmann

Director - European Motorhome Tours