New tour to Germany, Poland and the Baltic States in 2018!

After an amazing new tour to the Balkan Peninsula in 2017, our next new tour will lead us to Poland and the Baltic States. All the counties on this tour are part of the European Union, which makes travel easy.


We will start in Frankfurt, Germany, where you get a comfortable hotel and we meet for our Welcome Dinner. The next day you get your fully equipped rental motorhome. Then we will head towards the southern part of former East Germany with beautiful landscapes and historic cities like Dresden. Eventually we will drive into Poland and visit Krakow with its fascinating architecture. We plan to stop in Lodz and learn about the ups-and-downs in this city’s history. Of course we will also spend some time in Poland’s capital Warsaw. Then it is time to visit the first of the three Baltic states, Lithuania. We will explore its beautiful countryside, maybe take a detour to its coastline and also visit the capital city Vilnius with its stunning baroque buildings. Wherever possible we take scenic by-ways to truly experience these countries. Now it is time to head into Latvia! You will love the beautiful countryside with many lakes and forests. And of course we visit Riga, the up-and-coming capital with a modern and inventive flair. Finally we drive into Estonia to discover more beautiful nature and a and a rich culture influences by its neighbors. Estonia’s maritime capital city of Tallinn has a stunning old town, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Ultimately we will take a comfortable car ferry with our rigs back from Tallinn to Warnemünde on the German Baltic Coast and then head back south to Frankfurt where we started this tour.


Does this sound like an appealing adventure to you? The tour is planned for approx. 32 days in September/August 2018. If you are up to more improvisation and you are generally interested in this adventure please e-mail Thomas at to tentatively reserve a spot or be waitlisted, if full. A reservation with a deposit will of course only be requested once the dates, price and itinerary are confirmed by the end of November 2017.